5 Of The Most Technologically Advanced Countries

Technology is everywhere, it’s in our workplaces, homes, and even gyms. Which country has the ability to harness the power of information technology the most? The technology sector of a certain country is measured in terms of several factors that include education, research development, manufacturing capabilities and tech-density. Here are five of the most technologically…

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Apple Chip Flaw

Apple computers

On January 5, 2018, Apple Inc. mentioned that all Mac computers as well as their iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads are affected by the chip security flaw which occurred on the first week of the year. In which, technology companies are trying their best to fix this serious matter which affects computer processors…

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Oil prices update

Oil Prices

In less than two weeks, Oil was reported to retreat the most despite of concerns that OPEC’s deal to prolong oil cuts may push up U.S. shale activity to further stages in the market. According to the Energy Information Administration’s report, a total count of 5.6 million barrels were produced in crude oil inventories for…

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The U.S. and the Trump Economy

Born in the 14th of June 1946, he is the 45th and the current president of the United States of America, he took office last January 20 of 2017. He was a famous businessman and tv personality before he entered politics, was born in Queens, New York City. Studied in Wharton School of the University…

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Rivals of Air Berlin have been showing interest in buying the company

Ryanair along with other rivals of Germany’s second largest airline Air Berlin claims that they are attracted on purchasing the company. Air Berlin said it would file insolvency last August 15 following the statement of its largest shareholder Etihad Airways PJSC saying it would end financial support to the company. For the past six years,…

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Brexit: Not the End, Just the Beginning


“An entire society crucified by the delusional ambitions of Brexiteers chasing moonshine,” this is how he Principal of Hertford College, Oxford, Will Hutton, summed up the whole story of Britain voting to leave the European Union. Britain has been in a great mess, became a laughing stock, seen as futureless and leaderless. Some might agree…

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