5 Of The Most Technologically Advanced Countries

Technology is everywhere, it’s in our workplaces, homes, and even gyms. Which country has the ability to harness the power of information technology the most? The technology sector of a certain country is measured in terms of several factors that include education, research development, manufacturing capabilities and tech-density. Here are five of the most technologically advanced countries today.


The so-called “land of the rising sun” never stops on developing highly advanced gadgets. That is why Japan is the first thing that pops out on people’s minds when it comes to the word “high tech”. The country has been the breeding ground for both weird and interesting technologies. The attention of their government is in consumer electronics, robotics and other things related to that. They are planning to invest more than 1 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) each year on science and technology, or 26 trillion yen for the next five years.

Tokyo is considered one of the most high-tech cities in the world as it possesses impressive levels of infrastructure. Transportation to be particular. Their subway system is utilized by roughly 2.3 billion people per year.


United States of America

Space technology has played an important role in making the country the most influential in the world. Their technological systems are so big that it alone has a significant role to play in the country’s economy. The U.S. is home to the famous Silicon Valley, the reason why the world has internet access. It is undeniably the center of all things high-tech, making it a haven for professional programmers and designers. The country itself has produced the biggest tech companies in the world like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, Facebook, and IBM.


South Korea

Japan’s Asian neighbor, South Korea is responsible for producing high-class televisions, computers, air conditioners, helicopters, robots, cars, and trains. The country may be a late bloomer when it comes to technology, but it is currently home to some of the most successful technology companies like Samsung, Hyundai, and LG. South Korea’s average internet speed is three times faster than the United States.

Seoul has been called the “city of the future” as innovation is basically baked into its design. Its metro system even beats New York’s famous subway.



No one can deny the contributions and achievements of Germany in the technology industry. Being the number one economy in Europe, it remained to be the leader in pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, military technology, scientific technology, and engineering. In individual contributions, German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein has changed the world with his discoveries. Berlin is the only city where the major automotive brands Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ford, Volkswagen, and BMW are represented.



The private industry of Israel is very successful as it develops one of the most high-tech military equipment across the globe. Young Israelis are currently embracing the opportunities offered by smartphones in order to launch their own startups developing apps. About 35 percent of the countries exports are tech-related and it also belongs to the top five’s in space science. Israel has a number of technology-based companies listed in the Nasdaq Composite.